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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy -- Interlude: Forever in Death
l1fe_go3s_0n wrote in kuroshiro_fics
 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Interlude: Forever in Death

Disclaimer: I do not own. Go bug Gosho.

Kudo Shinichi stared at the newspaper spread out over the polished mahogany of his desk, the lamp flickering beside him illuminating the words printed in a neat, bold script on the off-white paper as tears slid down his cheeks from dulled, empty, blue eyes.

Blood pooling beneath a head of messy hair and one childishly round cheek resting against the cold marble…

Two photographs, black and white, were placed side-by-side on the page. One of a daring thief dressed in pure white, the darker colors of his shirts and tied appearing a strange shade of grey yet never black, and the other…a teenaged boy with dark hair in an untamable mess, falling into a pair of wide, too-innocent almond shaped eyes that were a tell tale sign of mischief, and a grin so large it was almost breaking his face.

…A cracked monocle lying a few feet away, a large piece of white silk dangling teasingly, just out of reach, as it hung limply from the window ledge above.

Shinichi sobbed as his eyes traced over the pictures again and again, a choked gasp escaping his lips followed by another dry sob and a strange half-hiccup half-scream. He dropped his face into the crook of his left elbow that was resting, boneless, against the desk and continued, screams growing louder even as the thick material of his sleeve muffled the hysterical sound.

His smile so peaceful and happy that you would think he was in the midst of having a wonderful dream and not lying there…

His skin was pale and sickly, the glaring artificial light not helping as it tainted pale ivory a yellow stained white, and his fingers trembling as they gripped at the newspaper and the green wool sweater covering his upper body, just over his heart, desperately.

…dead on the stairs of the Beika Museum after a fall that no man, no matter how beautiful and wondrous he may be, could ever survive…

He screamed and screamed, voice growing hoarse, chest tightening as his lungs begged for oxygen and heart thumped painfully in his chest even though he wished it would stop. Stop hurting him so damn much. Leave him alone. Make those images stop coming back…those memories…that nightmare…

Gem nestled beneath his body, split down the centre and covered in small cracks as beautiful and dangerous as the silk of a spider's web…

From the arched doorway leading to the Kudo mansion's library, a pair of mint green eyes watched him sparkling with unshed tears and raw understanding. A pretty heart shaped face surrounded by wavy russet hair morphed into a pained expression that hardly anyone had ever seen on before as Miyano Shiho raised a delicate hand to cover her eyes and block her closest friend from view as his screams pierced the bitterly cold air.

As though he had not, only hours before—moments, or maybe it was years, ago?—looked at him with such love and warmth and promise that made him truly believe in forever…

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So...did Kaito commit suicide? I wasn't quite sure in the other fic, I mean when did he even get the time to destroy Pandora? Sorry, a little confused here. But I like your writing style, the last sentence was very powerful. :D

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