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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy -- First Shot: Preconceived Notions
l1fe_go3s_0n wrote in kuroshiro_fics
 Summary: In one world the headlines held the news: Kaitou Kid, the moonlight magician who had pleased the crowds was gone, his wings clipped in flight. Meanwhile, in another, amateur magician Kuroba Kaito wonders if this world is truly reality...

Disclaimer: I do not own. Go bug Gosho.


Stepping slowly forward with his snowy white cape billowing wildly behind him, the young thief took a deep breath, savoring the way the air filled his lungs like sharp shards of ice, and called out mockingly for the attention of the crowd roaring his name down below, "Ladies and Gentlemen~"

Heads whipped up and the eyes of many locked onto his white clad form, screams of approval dying down into silence as he held a large diamond aloft. He stilled for a moment, admiring the way the priceless treasure sparkled under the flashing red and blue lights of the squad cars and the large search lights that had only moments ago roamed the skies for the thief himself, before speaking. "I believe you are in for a treat this evening for I have finally found what I have spent these last few years searching for!"

A quiet murmur ran through the crowd soon turning to gasps and squeals of delight as the beautiful silver glow of his celestial companion hit the gem and it ignited from within, an ominous light the colour of blood spilling across the pure white of his suit and the faded gray cement of the rooftop on which he stood. He lifted his arm higher to allow them all a better look, smiling as tight lipped and enigmatically as possible with the adrenaline and pure joy the night's target had brought him still singing in his veins.

"And now that it is in my grasp I will be retiring," He continued with a light hearted laugh of triumph, ignoring the dismayed and disbelieving cries that burst out from the mouths of the people, police and fans alike, "there will be no more Kaitou Kid!"

"What the hell do you mean your retiring?" Nakamori Ginzo, leader of the Kid Taskforce and walking-megaphone as he was often referred to behind his back, bellowed in outrage as he closed in on the thief, followed closely by Hakuba Saguru and one Kudo Shinichi. Kid's breath hitched as his eyes locked with the clear blue gaze of the latter as the handsome young man's face morphed into an expression of understanding and resignation, his slender figure moving to block the doorway and Kid felt his heart pang in longing, eyes trailing over his body hungrily in an attempt to memorize his appearance.

"You know you could seriously die from all that shouting Keibu-San~" Kid replied in a childish sing-song, hints of concern flittering across his shadowed features before they smoothed into his usual blank mask. Kudo understood and he wouldn't try and stop him. Good. The young thief allowed the sad grin tugging at his lips to break through his Poker Face and added, as if an after thought, "When I say retiring I mean I will no longer be bothering you or your men by dragging you along on these little adventures of mine. I have the gem and I have no intention of returning it, actually I plan to destroy it right here and now!"

"You're…serious…" The man stuttered loudly, his steel gray eyes widening as he shouted petulantly, "You can't do something like that! Not without providing a good reason why that damn rock needs breaking!"

Kid chuckled in acknowledgement of the man's statement. The inspector was still so naive, and he would have to rectify that little problem. He was done with heists, he had what he wanted, and would never return to a life of secrecy and lies again. It was far too painful to try. But he could, and would, make sure that his father's murderers were taken out with him.

A pair of dark violet eyes, one covered by a monocle, turned to continue staring at the gem as he lowered it to the hidden pocket stitched directly over his heart. Numerous possibilities spun through his mind one making a more prominent role than any other as memories of heart break, blood and tears began to beat away at his Poker Face. Kid shivered. There wasn't really any other option than that…

Kudo's hand reached out and locked in place around Hakuba's wrist as the slightly older male tried to move forward and two pairs of blue eyes met before returning to stare pityingly into Kid's own. He nodded at them and stepped onto the precarious edge of the rooftop, patented leather soles of his custom made white loafers making no sound as he used them to grip the concrete.

He smiled at the Keibu and two teenaged detectives, leaving the small microphone clipped under his shirt collar to remain on, as he pushed himself back and off the roof with a final, bitter, call of, "Because it killed my Tousan."

Screams once again flew through the air, pain and fear coloring them this time, as he began to fall. Top hat flying from his head to reveal a mop of wild dark brown hair and a monocle detached itself from its place on the slight slope of his nose to reveal another violet eye, wide and glittering like crystals under the light of the moon.

A bright grin spread across his face as the harsh winds made his pure white suit pull and tug in places, cap detaching itself from his shoulders as he reached up to press his nimble fingers into the knobs that kept it pinned to the shoulder pads of his jacket. It fluttered away, twisting through the air like it had a mind of its own and his grin softened into a resigned smile at the sight. He was so close.

He let his eyes close, images speeding through his mind. First was his mother's face, smiling that odd half-smirk half-smile that would seem almost sad had she not been practically vibrating in her seat with her sleepy dark blue eyes filled with such infectious energy that it made every one around her want to laugh and smile. The next was of Aoko, the girl who was both as sweet as honey and yet somehow hiding an explosive temper within. Aoko, who had never even contemplated breaking the law and yet would have stuck by his side no matter what happened. Koizumi followed, the vengeful crimson-eyed beauty staring enigmatically at the small carving of a magic circle she had made on her desk with his compass when he had leant it to her one sunny afternoon during math class with Nakamura-Sensei. Hakuba Saguru and the rest of the task force flickered quickly through his thoughts before they stubbornly fixated on Kudo Shinichi. His beautiful Shinichi with those sapphire eyes that were always illuminated by some inner glow that no shadow, no matter how thick, could seem to dull and full lips that were so soft and just perfect for kissing. Shinichi whose slender, almost feminine, figure enticed his body and contained a mind that was so perfectly brilliant that he couldn't help but want to wrap himself up in the puzzles and riddles lying within, dominate it until it was filled with nothing but thoughts of Kid and Kid alone.

Kid…no, he was just plain Kuroba Kaito now, they had all seen his face and he couldn't be happier, wondered briefly if perhaps…perhaps…he could ask Shinichi on that date…in the next life… and then everything went black. A soothing endless sea of black that kept the inevitable pain at bay and dragged him under its surface with three swift tugs, he almost wished it was white. White like his father's suit…his suit…or maybe a clear crystalline blue to match Shinichi's eyes. Yes. Blue would have been nice.


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