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Little Lies
l1fe_go3s_0n wrote in kuroshiro_fics
((A/N: Sorry, I don't speak Italian so all the sections written in said language are from Google translator. Just copy and paste them for a translation, I'm afraid I forgot to do it myself and have already given this chapter to my beta so…sorry…))

Little Lies

Rome (Italy) / Wednesday, 15 May 2012 at 5:55:00 AM / UTC+2 hours CEST

Kaito glared down at the three-headed, doglike creature—he believed it was called a Cerberus or something along those lines—taunting him from behind the small screen balefully, his sparkling indigo eyes reflecting the colorful flashing lights back at the small device in his hands. For the fourth time in a row since he had picked up that particular game the annoying piece of data had managed to evade his chosen character's strategically made attacks and, while the mockingly repetitive tune blaring from the consoles speakers was beginning to give him a terrible migraine, he couldn't help but keep at it. It was humiliating.

"All reports are in: Life is now officially unfair." He scoffed under his breath, closing the device and tossing it across the room with a practiced flick of his hollow, bird-bone wrist where it proceeded to land with a muffled thump on the plush duvet spread out over his bed.

A soft vibrating against his thigh—an unnaturally chipper song flowing out into the atmosphere moments later in the form of a familiar children's nursery rhyme known as 'Pop Goes the Weasel'—had him searching through the front pocket of his plain dark blue jeans for the sleek, silver cased mobile phone he used for work and work alone. Kaito knew only one person who would bother ringing him at five minutes to six o'clock in the morning and grinned at the very thought of what said caller could possibly want with him, Kaito Kuroba, hacker extraordinaire and not so humble amateur magician. Apparently he was going to have fun today after all.

/Get to your computer/ That familiar tenor laced thoroughly with a sinfully tempting promise of fun and risk hidden beneath its bored, aristocratic mask snapped from the other end of the line. Kaito grinned. His day was definitely looking up.

"Good morning Tantei~" He sang back, rolling his eyes at the muttered curses that slid quietly into his ear and flopped down on the end of his bed—upside down, as per usual.

/I don't have enough time to deal with your cheery disposition/ The other boy sighed and Kaito just knew that he'd have that annoyed twitch to his left eyebrow that seemed to surface every time they spoke for more than a minute. He drummed his fingers against his upper arm, not even bothering to hide his smug grin at the boy's next words, /I have a job, a vaguely impossible job, for you/

"Ooh~ a 'vaguely impossible' job you say?" Kaito hummed, sliding up into a sitting position to stare at the wall across from him with a curious smirk curling at his lips before chirping, "Sounds like fun."

/I'll send you the details via email—I'm sure you know which accounts to check without me telling you? /

"Yes, I do believe I know what I'm doing. Ciao." He snapped the phone shut, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and jumping to the floor with a wide, excited, grin on his face—quickly snatching up his game as he went—and rushed out the door of his hotel room.

He took the stairs down to the first floor, eyes trailing over the full lift and memorizing the positioning, names and faces of all the people milling about in the hallways, flinging his lithe body over the metal railing when he reached the final set and landing easily in a practiced crouch on the marble floor. Rising languidly into his habitual slouch, casual and barely there, Kaito let out a silent exhale and wandered through the bustling hotel lobby with both his Gameboy and his phone stuffed into the pockets of his jeans.

The sky had been a mess of stormy gray and black clouds all night, so he wasn't at all surprised when a placid drizzle of rain began to run down the frosted glass windows of the small, café—he believed it was called caffè delizioso—nestled between the front entrance and the large mahogany desk. He had made that prediction before he had even set off on his little errand, and had thus made preparations by putting on a thick, unnecessarily baggy, navy blue sweatshirt when he had first woken. Kaito estimated that it would stay a drizzle for the next few hours and worsen to a light thunder storm later in the day, probably, just a little after lunch, and he was very rarely wrong about those sorts of things.

Kaito hummed to himself under his breath as he eyed the selection of freshly baked cookies, delicious pastries and moist—temptingly so—cakes, placed neatly on the china plates with subtle strawberry patterns imprinted around the edges, on full display in the shop window with a thoughtful smile. He hadn't eaten breakfast yet and as much as he loved to eat healthier foods—Kaito was a vegetarian, he had to eat enough of the right foods to stay healthy—a nice slice of chocolate cheesecake or perhaps a nice bowl of sorbet, watermelon or lime he had yet to decide, would sate his appetite and the sign outside did say it was an internet café…

The bell above the door jingled loudly as he pushed it open with a decisive nod, the silvery sound cutting through the muffled sounds of casual conversation made by the people within to draw a few curious glances towards him before the flittered away again and he grinned at the familiarity of it all. Kaito gave a low chuckle and shook his head gently, wild chocolate brown hair whipping at the orange tinted lenses of his oval shaped goggles settled atop his head and the soft flesh of his childishly round cheeks, before sauntering lazily into the café with an almost sadistic sparkle in his eyes.

Bright, energetic, brown eyes met his as a rather petite girl with long, wavy hair in a fetching shade of honey blonde falling around her face in a stylish pixie cut and smooth olive skin splattered lightly with freckles waved him over to the counter, smiling all the while. He walked towards her obediently and couldn't help but laugh quietly at the way she bounced on the balls of her feet as she leaned over the counter and asked in a cheery soprano, "Che cosa posso ottenere per te piccola?"

"Vorrei che la torta di formaggio al cioccolato per favore," He said cheerfully, smiling up at the pretty girl—seventeen to eighteen years of age, a relatively long lifespan and the jagged red letters floating above her head believed her name was Elena Cigno—standing behind the counter, and reveled in the rosy flush that lit her cheeks. She quickly fetched his order, and thrust the plate covered by an impenetrable layer of cling wrap into his arms as he laughed lightheartedly and sighed, "Grazie."

She nodded happily, seeming almost surprised, as Kaito grinned and hopped towards the cluster of tables hidden around the corner of the counter, close to the exit with a good view of the surrounding area but still safe from prying eyes. A small part of his mind was stuck on how pretty she really was when she smiled, nice and definitely his type but still far too old for the rather short twelve year old to date, while the rest whirled with half-shaped plans, discarding many and puzzling a few together to be observed from other angles. Being aware of one's surroundings at all times was important no matter where you were and seeing as Kaito was going to attempt—and succeed at—a very complicated traipse through police databases and the security laden email account belonging to a certain detective, he knew that he would have to take extra precautions to make sure he wasn't caught. Hacking was illegal after all.

Snickering under his breath, the brunette collapsed into a comfy chair made of plastic, threadbare padding and vinyl seat coverings and set his plate down on the tabletop with a smirk that vaguely resembled the one his Tantei had worn only twenty or so minutes earlier. Not that Kaito knew that little detail; if he had he would have laughed his ass off at the irony of the situation. He took a bite of the creamy dessert laid out before him and moaned softly as it melted on his tongue, the sinfully rich chocolate taste spreading around his mouth as he chewed slowly around his fork. He glanced back at Elena and murmured just loud enough for her to hear, "Assolutamente divina~ Questo è sicuramente la migliore torta che io abbia mai mangiato."

He placed the fork back down on the table and turned to the clean white laptop—Mac Airbook, 2009-2010 model, two years older than his own complex addiction that was, regrettably, still back in Las Angeles—that had been chained to the underside of the table in order to prevent people from stealing the rather expensive piece of equipment. His grin widened to an almost unnerving extent as he read over the text that was quickly filling the screen, nimble fingers typing away at the keys with an occasional click of the mouse to break up the monotony. Apparently his precious Tantei was currently hiding out in a satellite town located within the London commuter belt, the green belt to be exact which meant it was highly likely the boy was in Surrey (he'd have to have a chat with him about the lack of challenging security later) and judging by the recent online searches his only source of good quality entertainment had made he was thinking of taking up—Kaito snorted, taking up? Yeah right. The boy was going to solve it and quickly, he always did when it came to things like this—the case labeled the Golden Reaper of London by the frightened public and Case Number: 4456738 by the police.

Kaito sighed; running a hand through his disheveled locks before pulling his goggles down over his eyes, and gave the machine before him a wry smile. It was time to get to work; his Tantei was depending on him.


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